My Tether – Making My Pre into My Access Point!

by admin on Feb 23rd in Palm Pre

While I have enjoyed many of the applications available for the Pre, My Tether is by far the most impressive from a useful perspective.  My Tether allows you to use your Pre as an Internet connection for your note/netbook.   While you can do a ‘wired’ connection with your computer and the Pre, it also allows you to setup your Pre as a wireless access point for you (and others) to use to access the web!  It allows for customized SSID, WPA2 encryption, as well as control over those connected.  It is the most functional, useful app I have found!  Did I mention it does all this for only $15?  With no ‘tethering’ charge from your carrier (as long as you have a data plan)?  Check it out at!

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