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Internet Security Essentials – The Russians Strike Again!

by admin on Mar 10th in Troubleshooting, Virus/Malware Problems

As the person who gets a call whenever a virus or malware is found on friends, family, colleagues, and clients systems, I have come to really dislike the group of Russian hackers who initially started the ‘fake’ AV concept, using names such as AV 2008, AV 2009, etc.  Their interface looks just like a real […]

Getting to the Root of the Problem…

by admin on Sep 25th in Software Recommendations, Virus/Malware Problems

Well, I just finished working on a client’s system and it nearly did me in.  Somehow (they claim they didn’t click on anything) they contracted what appeared to be some typical malware/spyware garbage.  After using my typical process of using MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Microsoft Security Essentials, and of course, CCleaner, it seemed all was well.  However, […]

UBCD4W – A Must have for all techs/wannabe techs!

by admin on Feb 20th in Hardware Issues, Open Source/Free Software, Software Issues, Virus/Malware Problems

The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is probably the most useful tool in my cybertoolkit.  It allows you to boot a computer into a ‘pre-execution’ version of Windows, by-passing the problems you may be having with your system.  It is full of utilities that allow you to look for viruses, malware, rootkits, edit the registry, […]

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