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WiFi Woes…Plume to the Rescue!

by admin on Nov 15th in Uncategorized

As a company that frequently installs networks in homes, small businesses, churches, and schools, we often run into the issue of weak wifi signals, or ‘dead spots’.  In the past we have dealt with it in multiple ways.  We have used PowerLine (using a building’s electrical system to distribute data) adapters to get the network […]

Home Internet Filters/Controls – Updated as of June, 2017

by admin on Aug 19th in Uncategorized

June 12, 2017 Update: Well, at this point I am officially jumping on the Roqos bandwagon.  I have now had the unit for a month or two, and have found it to be very simple to use, easy to configure, and the tech support is very responsive.  Their rather aggressive roadmap for future features is […]

Tablet Wars – The Battle Rages On (revised for Cam)

by admin on May 6th in Uncategorized

Ever since the iPad arrived on the scene, everyone felt they needed a tablet.  This amazed me, since Fujitsu has been selling tablets for over 15 years.  They just didn’t have the ‘cool’ factor that Apple adds to all their products.  Now that we are on the iPad2, other manufacturers are trying to get into […]

SBC Global AT&T Yahoo Headaches

by admin on Oct 8th in Software Issues, Troubleshooting, Uncategorized

Well, I spent over three (3) hours last night trying to get my in-laws’ email working again.  Short background…my in-laws have sbcglobal (AT&T) as their DSL provider.  They also have their own domain for email.  They use Outlook Express for their domain email account. They informed me that for the last four months, they were […]

Hello world!

by admin on Feb 19th in Uncategorized

Welcome to Mars Hill Data Solutions’ POI (Plethora Of Information).  Check out the various pages listed and check back often, as I have only begun to blog…

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