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Exciting Hard Drive Data Recovery Option

by admin on Aug 18th in Hardware Issues, Troubleshooting

Having been in computer repair for nearly 25 years, the most difficult thing to tell a client is that their hard drive is toast and they lost all their data (because, of course, they didn’t have a backup).  In the past, I have been able to use some excellent software that allows me to recover […]

Raceway Resolution?

by admin on Aug 23rd in Hardware Issues, Hardware Recommendations

Having installed hundreds of mile of cable in my networking lifetime, there comes a time when you have to run the wire on the outside of the wall rather than on the inside.  To do this, you use what is called ‘raceway’.  You’ve probably see raceway used for electrical wiring on cinder block walls.  The […]

Protecting your Place in Cyberspace

by admin on Aug 12th in Hardware Issues, Hardware Recommendations, Software Issues, Software Recommendations

As a parent and teacher, I am thrilled with what is available on the Internet.  Unfortunately, I am at the same time scared to death of what is available on the Internet.  If that seems to be a bit of a paradox, welcome to the harsh reality of the Internet!  It is important for you […]

The Case of the Telltale Heart…

by admin on May 11th in Hardware Issues, Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting a computer, the sound it makes can be very helpful in determining the root of the problem.  In fact, I just purchased a mechanic’s stethoscope to help locate various and sundry noises in the computer.  However, even without the specialized equipment, you can many times ‘hear’ the telltale signs of impending doom and […]

For Such a Time as This…

by admin on Apr 19th in Hardware Issues, Troubleshooting

To hopefully keep you from the frustrations I have had in dealing with this, here is a little known fact about setting the time on your home router.  If you home router (DLink, Belkin, Linksys, etc) has the incorrect time (usually due to a power outage, a factory reset, etc), you will probably not be […]

Data Recovery Primer…

by admin on Apr 12th in Hardware Issues, Software Issues, Software Recommendations, Troubleshooting

I am often asked about recovering data…whether from a formatted hard drive, a corrupt memory card, or a USB drive gone awry.  Due to that, I have tried nearly every option out there.  Hopefully you can learn from my pain and expenditures rather than suffering on your own… First you need to determine if it […]

Partition Recovery Success!

by admin on Apr 12th in Hardware Issues, Software Recommendations, Troubleshooting

I had a client call me that their computer wouldn’t boot…upon closer examination, the hard drive was ‘blank’…all my existing software showed it as ‘unallocated’.  I was ready to let the client know that everything was missing when I decided to try to find a way to recover a partition.    After googling it, I found […]

UBCD4W – A Must have for all techs/wannabe techs!

by admin on Feb 20th in Hardware Issues, Open Source/Free Software, Software Issues, Virus/Malware Problems

The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows is probably the most useful tool in my cybertoolkit.  It allows you to boot a computer into a ‘pre-execution’ version of Windows, by-passing the problems you may be having with your system.  It is full of utilities that allow you to look for viruses, malware, rootkits, edit the registry, […]

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