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VCF (SNS) to CSV to VCF (non-SNS): My nightmare moving contacts from webOS to Android

by admin on Aug 19th in Palm Pre, Troubleshooting

With webOS on its way out, I got my daughter a new Samsung Epic 4G.  It arrived two days ago and it seemed like a gorgeous phone.  However, the question was asked how she could get her contacts from the Palm Pre to the new Samsung.  Good Question.  Online I found a secret code (dial ##66623# […]

R.I.P. webOS

by admin on Aug 19th in Hardware Recommendations, Palm Pre

It is truly a sad day.  HP has announced that it will discontinue the sale of webOS phones and tablets.  This is probably very frustrating to those who bought the new HP Tablet in the last couple of months…and they are still advertising them on TV!  As a long time Palm user, it is sad […]

My Tether – Making My Pre into My Access Point!

by admin on Feb 23rd in Palm Pre

While I have enjoyed many of the applications available for the Pre, My Tether is by far the most impressive from a useful perspective.  My Tether allows you to use your Pre as an Internet connection for your note/netbook.   While you can do a ‘wired’ connection with your computer and the Pre, it also allows […]

Palm Pre

by admin on Feb 23rd in Hardware Recommendations, Palm Pre

I admit it, I’m a Palm Person…from my first Palm III to my Palm Pre, I’ve always liked the clean interface of the Palm OS versus others.  I’ve tried Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc, but I’ll always head back to the Palm.  The Pre introduced a new OS called WebOS.  While not the comfortable old Palm […]

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