Hall of Shame

I will use this page to vent over vendors who are lacking in:

  • customer service
  • quality
  • price
  • etc.


First Entry:  NeedBattery.com

I was looking for a battery for one of my client’s notebooks, so in Googling the part number, needbattery.com came up with the lowest price, claimed to have it in stock and the picture looked ‘correct’.  I placed the order on the 8th of November.  Jump ahead over a week, and still no battery…checking my order on line, it said that the order was approved, but didn’t list it as shipped.  Since my client was leaving on an overseas trip 2 days later, I tried to reach the company to determine the status of the order.  This is where the frustration began…

All phone numbers (and all choices at those numbers) ended in a ‘Please email us, we are very busy’ message, with no option to leave a message.  I emailed cancelling my order (since I had to order from another site and pay priority shipping to get it before my client left), I clicked on ‘Cancel Order’ on the website, etc.  Less than 2 hours later, I received an email saying the order had shipped.  Today (three days later, so still too late for my client) I received the battery.  The wrong battery!  I checked the website and the battery and the invoice, all listed the same part number, but the one I received doesn’t remotely resemble the one that is needed.  Now I try to return the battery.  Again, phone no help…email no help… 


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