Partition Recovery Success!

by admin on Apr 12th in Hardware Issues, Software Recommendations, Troubleshooting

I had a client call me that their computer wouldn’t boot…upon closer examination, the hard drive was ‘blank’…all my existing software showed it as ‘unallocated’.  I was ready to let the client know that everything was missing when I decided to try to find a way to recover a partition.    After googling it, I found a software package called ‘Active@Partition Recovery’.  I purchased the ‘high end’ version for $99.  Either I was going to salvage the data and be the hero or else be out $99 but be a bit wiser.   I ran the program and it found and recoverd the partition!  I had to run fixmbr to repair the mbr on the disk, but everything was back!  I am now a big-time fan of this software!  Check it out at!


  1. Data Recovery :

    22nd October 2010

    i had my 1TB hard drive crashed and data recovery was horrendously expensive,:.

  2. Eva Campbell

    30th August 2010

    data recovery is very very expensive so do make regular backups of important files’~*

  3. Lucas Parker

    15th July 2010

    data recovery is a very costly option, always make a regular backups.;”.

  4. Sofia Singh

    25th May 2010

    Data Recovery is a very costly option that is why you should always check your storage media for any signs of wear and tear.””~

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