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Comodo Time Machine…a must have/avoid!

by admin on Jan 1st in Open Source/Free Software, Software Recommendations


Getting to the Root of the Problem…

by admin on Sep 25th in Software Recommendations, Virus/Malware Problems

Well, I just finished working on a client’s system and it nearly did me in.  Somehow (they claim they didn’t click on anything) they contracted what appeared to be some typical malware/spyware garbage.  After using my typical process of using MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Microsoft Security Essentials, and of course, CCleaner, it seemed all was well.  However, […]

Protecting your Place in Cyberspace

by admin on Aug 12th in Hardware Issues, Hardware Recommendations, Software Issues, Software Recommendations

As a parent and teacher, I am thrilled with what is available on the Internet.  Unfortunately, I am at the same time scared to death of what is available on the Internet.  If that seems to be a bit of a paradox, welcome to the harsh reality of the Internet!  It is important for you […]

Data Recovery Primer…

by admin on Apr 12th in Hardware Issues, Software Issues, Software Recommendations, Troubleshooting

I am often asked about recovering data…whether from a formatted hard drive, a corrupt memory card, or a USB drive gone awry.  Due to that, I have tried nearly every option out there.  Hopefully you can learn from my pain and expenditures rather than suffering on your own… First you need to determine if it […]

Partition Recovery Success!

by admin on Apr 12th in Hardware Issues, Software Recommendations, Troubleshooting

I had a client call me that their computer wouldn’t boot…upon closer examination, the hard drive was ‘blank’…all my existing software showed it as ‘unallocated’.  I was ready to let the client know that everything was missing when I decided to try to find a way to recover a partition.    After googling it, I found […]

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