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  1. Kent Tollakson

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    24th March 2015

    Hello! I kept looking for your name – but could not find it. So hello Mr. PHD ABD for life!

    I am a ex-art teacher due to a past pornography problem who is now a completely different person because of Jesus Christ and a loving, supportive, church that isn’t afraid to apply sound, restorative, biblical discipline. Due to the work of God in my life I am now a Biblical counselor (as situations present themselves) and part time youth director for our small Wisconsin church. My wife also acquired her masters in Biblical counseling along with me and we are continuing to help marriages as much as we can. My hope is that you will help me and our church by assisting in selecting a good router product that would allow us to present a cleaner / filtered wireless signal for people to use while at our church. I have gained knowledge through product reviews, talking to service reps from Linsky and Buffalo products as well as your website – but I’m still unclear as to what I should do or recommend to the other elders. Please help. You have my e-mail and if you want to call me my cell number is 507-549-4692. I hope we communicate with each other. God bless. Kent

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