Get ‘Plaster’ed and Save Lots of Time and Effort (but spend a few $$$)

by admin on May 10th in Hardware Recommendations

One of the things I do for many of my clients is install networks–wired, wireless, and combinations.  However, there are times where running wire is too difficult (no suspended ceiling, concrete walls vs. plasterboard, etc) and wireless it inadequate.  So what do you do?  I have found the answer, and it is the Powerline adapters from Plaster Networks.  I have tried several of the other brands of Powerline adapters, but while they work, the setup has been a bit on the complex side, though still easier than running wire.

What is a ‘Powerline Adapter’?  It is a way to transmit network data over your home’s (or business) electrical wiring.  It works by putting an ‘adapter’ in an outlet near your router/switch and connecting a network cable into the Powerline adapter.   Then, you plug another Powerline adapter into an outlet somewhere else in the house, and plug a network cable into the adapter and then into your computer/Wii/switch/Access Point.   I just got back from Denver where I set up a network for my brother who has a home office, a ROKU, two daughters, a chief financial officer (his wife), all needing access to the network and the Internet.  While the wireless worked for some of the items, we really needed a ‘hard wired’ switch on the second floor to handle computer, printers, etc.  We installed a Plaster PLN3 adapter and it worked with NO configuration at all…truly plug and play!  In fact, it worked so well, we added another by his ROKU box and now he can download his Netflix movies at highest quality!

The catch is that they are a little pricey…about $80/ea.  While $160 may seem steep to merely wire in a network asset, the time savings as well as the savings in lack of destruction of existing walls, etc more than cover the cost.  So if you need a quick, easy, albeit pricey, fix to a networking access issue, I’d strongly recommend the PLN3 adapter from Plaster Networks!


Unfortunately, for some reason Plaster Networks is no more.  I haven’t been able to figure out where or why they went, but they are gone, along with their family of excellent powerline products.  So to fill the void, I have researched many of their competitors, and have decided on Trendnet’s Powerline products.  While they have a full line of powerline type products, the TPL-402E products are excellent.  They have a 500 mbps throughput and also have an electrical plug passthrough.  This is an excellent feature, since powerline products need to be plugged directly into the wall, not into an outlet strip or surge suppressor.  Now you no longer lose the outlet!

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