For Such a Time as This…

by admin on Apr 19th in Hardware Issues, Troubleshooting

To hopefully keep you from the frustrations I have had in dealing with this, here is a little known fact about setting the time on your home router.  If you home router (DLink, Belkin, Linksys, etc) has the incorrect time (usually due to a power outage, a factory reset, etc), you will probably not be able to connect to the Internet.  I have spend hours troubleshooting why I can get to the router, the ISP can see my modem, but I can’t get to the net…very frustrating.  I then stumbled on a valuable tidbit of info…many ISP’s will not allow you to connect if your date/time is off (usually by more than 6 hours).  Some routers (Trendnet) seem to reset the time EVERY TIME you unplug them (or have a power outage!) which will then render your router ‘unconnectable’.

The time setting is usually on the ‘Maintenance’ or ‘Support’ tab of your router’s configuration program.

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