August 2010

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Raceway Resolution?

by admin on Aug 23rd in Hardware Issues, Hardware Recommendations

Having installed hundreds of mile of cable in my networking lifetime, there comes a time when you have to run the wire on the outside of the wall rather than on the inside.  To do this, you use what is called ‘raceway’.  You’ve probably see raceway used for electrical wiring on cinder block walls.  The […]

Protecting your Place in Cyberspace

by admin on Aug 12th in Hardware Issues, Hardware Recommendations, Software Issues, Software Recommendations

As a parent and teacher, I am thrilled with what is available on the Internet.  Unfortunately, I am at the same time scared to death of what is available on the Internet.  If that seems to be a bit of a paradox, welcome to the harsh reality of the Internet!  It is important for you […]

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